Working Hard

I am working hard….to put back the missing old photos for my blog archives.

Sometimes I can’t help to think that all these happened because of my “itchy backside” or rather “itchy fingers” which seem to be a more appropriate description.

I started with a BlogSpot site in January 2007. After much consideration, I got my own domain name in May 2008 and started documenting my musings there for about 5 years before I change it to my online shop. You can also read more about the change here.

This year, 2015, I started the year setting up this site so that I can continue to write my nonsense musings. It is definitely a joy to read through my previous thoughts, my children growing years, the sweet little things that my hubby did and my growing older wiser years.  It’s a booster / reminder to myself that I have lived and am living.

The urge (to set up this site) came with late nights and headaches because I realized that a lot of the old photos were not properly exported from the previous site. I managed to put back most of the photos till about 2010 archives. Those photos that went away with my faulty laptop seem to be lost forever. {cry}

Pardon me for the missing photos, those ugly empty box with a cross on the left corner are truly eyesores! I will not be “itchy backside” or “itchy fingers” again, I promise! …. {whisper} for at least the next 5 years…

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