Where to get discount coupons for your Korea Holiday?

One of the many important things to do when planning for your Korea Holiday, is to (in my humble opinion) print out all the discount coupons which you can find online. I simply love the discount coupons, and I used them for all my previous 3 trips to Seoul. Besides satisfying my thrill of knowing that I am smarter than the person next to me who is paying a full price for the same thing (I am evil I agree :p) , the coupons can actually help us to save some money to spend on other areas (like shopping for more face masks!).

Imagine, saving 6000 won (or 25% per ticket) for 2 persons’ admission fees to Alive Museum by using pre-printed discount coupons – and that’s 3 servings of Tteokbokki that I can enjoy from the street stall!

So what are you waiting for?

1. Korea Tourism Organization


Korea discount coupons 4

Direct link as at time of writing this entry : http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/IngEventMain.kto?func_name=couponList&lang_se=ENG&md=enu

2. Visit Korea Committee

Korea discount coupons 3

Direct link as at time of writing this entry :  http://www.vkc.or.kr/en/benefit/coupon.asp

3. Trazy

Direct link as at time of writing this entry :  https://www.trazy.com/discount-coupon/seoul-korea

4. Konest – in Mandarin

Click on “优惠券”。

Korea discount coupons 2

Direct link as at time of writing this entry :  http://cn.konest.com/contents/coupon_list.html

5. Travel Note – in Mandarin

Click on “优惠券”。

Korea discount coupons 6

Direct link as at time of writing this entry : http://www.travelnote.tw/coupon

6. ZaiSeoul 在首尔 – in Mandarin

Korea discount coupons 7

Direct link as at time of writing this entry : http://www.zaiseoul.com/coupon?l=coupon

7. Seoul Travel Pass 

Korea discount coupons 5

Direct link as at time of writing this entry :   http://seoultravelpass.com/travelpass/_html/coupon.php

8. Korea Grand Sale

If you happen to travel in Jan, Feb,  Aug to Oct period, do check out whether the Korea Grand Sale is going on. There are many more coupons to use! Even if you do not travel within these periods, it doesn’t hurt to just click the site and check..who knows, they may change their yearly grand sale period! 🙂


Don’t say I never warn you – you may be overwhelmed with the number of coupons which you can see in each of the websites above.

Here’s some of my personal tips to share :

  1. The coupons are usually grouped by business types and/or areas. Some helping words for areas : 明洞=Myeongdong. 东大门=Dongdaemun 弘大=Hongdae 仁寺洞=Insadong 梨大=Ewha 新村=Sinchon 南大門=Namdaemun 市廳/光化門=City Hall/Gwanghwamun 釜山=Busan
  2. Please take note of the validity period and the terms and conditions (such as minimum spend, discount or free gifts etc).
  3. Some of the coupons are also “branch-specified”, example, coupon for Missha Dongdaemun branch is not valid for use in Meyongdong branch. For such coupons, there are usually a map on the coupon which will specify the branch that the coupon is valid for use.
  4. Some of the discount coupons are the same across different websites, and some are not. So do your comparisons, you may be in for a surprise sometimes!
  5. I will clip the printed discount coupons by areas first (eg, Myeongdong, Dongdaemun), and then arrange them according to my planned itinerary (Day 1 planned areas, Day 2 planned areas).  I will then put them into a A4 size envelope and bring it along with me up the plane. No prizes for guessing why! (Leave me a message if you can’t guess why, I am happy to share with you my reasons :D)
  6. Throw away the unused coupons into recycle bins in Korea before coming back. There’s no need to lug them back 😉

Ready for more discount coupons? 😀

When you reach Korea, look out for more discount coupons that are sometimes given together when you purchase T-Money card and/or sightseeing admission tickets. When you pass by Tourist Information counters, do pick up some free travel guide booklets/brochures/books. There are some books that come with pages of discount coupons as well!


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    This is very good info. I will be going to Seoul on 22 Nov 2016. Regret that I didn’t come across this website earlier.
    You are a very organised mummy

    Thank you for sharing

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