The cute things that a 4 year old will say – Part 2

We were on the way to my mom’s house, with Eva at the back seat.  Daddy was the driver (as always).

He drove over a speed hump….with a higher speed than his usual speed whenever he cross a speed hump.

Eva exclaimed : Papa, you not careful ah??!!

Daddy : Why?

Eva : I (felt a) bump and I flew up like a cute little bird!

Daddy : ……….

Me : [Laugh out loud]


Daddy drove to a petrol station and left the car to pump and pay for the petrol. Both Eva and I stayed in the car.

* Peep Peep is the name of our car, name given by the 2 girls.

Eva : Mommy, why does Peep Peep need to take his dinner now?

Me : Huh? [wondering what is Eva trying to say]

Me : Oh! She needs to eat in order to continue to bring us to places.

Eva : Peep Peep only needs to eat once after a long time? Not like us?

Me : Yes, darling.

Eva : Why?

Me : Hmmm… Peep Peep has a big stomach!

Eva : Peep Peep eats so much! (she is satisfied with my answer?! phew!)



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