Silence is broken

For years, we have tolerated with an “unfinished” pavement. For months, I had walked this pavement and pondered on why there are landscapers who planned in such a way which I couldn’t agree on. For days, I struggled when pushing Dawn’s pram over the uneven patch and simply dread raining days (where it became MUDDY and ruined my shoes).

I can’t tolerate anymore!

I don’t know who to contact, is it the town council? Or is it some government agencies?

Why Why Why? Why one side there’s a proper pavement, the other is …erm…Empty?  It used to be that empty patch there, and just days before I took these photos, there were these bricks there. With or without the bricks, it just does not make any sense to me.

pavement 2-1 pavement 1-1

Stomp-ed it!

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