My New Toy

Pardon me for the lack of updates recently.  It was a super busy weekend and a tiring one.

I bought a new lappy in the recent PC fair! That also explain why I wasn’t posting over the weekend because I was trying to make my new lappy work; had to reinstall a lot of software again and playing around with Vista. I am still not very used to Vista 🙁

I bought the Aspire 6920G-833G32Mn, with free upgrade to 4GB ram.  The specs are :


Aspire 6920G-833G32Mn

Operating System

·  Genuine Microsoft® Windows Vista®Home Premium

Processor and Core Logic

System Memory

  • Upgradeable to 4GB using dual soDIMM modules


  • 16″ Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, Acer CineCrystalTM TFT LCD
  • nVidia® GeForce® 9500M GS with up to 1280MB of TurboCacheTM (512MB of dedicated GDDR II VRAM, 768MB of shared system memory)

Storage Subsystem

  • 320GB HDD
  • DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer drive (DVD+/-RW)

This lappy is quite heavy, maybe because I am too used to my Travelmate lappy weight.  With this heavy box, I felt that the distance between Suntec and Raffles MRT station is so far.  My arms and fingers were breaking by the time I reach the station!


The lappy cover…should I Zhng it? Skins? Crystals? 😀


The lappy before and after switching on. The power light up is blue, that’s why they call it the blue gem series.  The touched screen media console on the left looks cool hor?

acer3 acer4

And my free gifts! A 20G pocket drive, which I love it very much.  So slim and the space is good for me to transfer a lot of files to the new lappy.  I don’t need to download WOW updates at all as Dear helped me to copy the whole WOW folder into the new lappy, and BINGO, the WOW works immediately!

Acer also had this package freebie where you can chose Microsoft office (package A), 500G external HDD (Package B) and 2nd & 3rd Year extended warranty (Package C).  I went to the fair with the 500G HDD in mind, but I was convinced to take the extended warranty instead. Heh.  Acer also gave me a free luggage tag with number lock, which I think it will come in useful when I go for my holidays.


I was happy with the deal I had (freebies + $150 discount from selling price), but I think this will be the first and last time I will buy a laptop or PC from a PC fair.  It was kind of messy in that place and the wait to close my deal was so damn long.  Imagine, I decided to buy the lappy at 5:25pm, and only at 6:10pm, they started taking out my lappy from the store and put in my free ram upgrade. Their working counter was too small, with so many salesperson and customers, the place was overcrowded.

And, I think something was wrong when the guy inserted the battery into the lappy because my media console was not working when I boot up at home.  It was always on the “HOLD” button and I couldn’t “un-hold” it at all. I was indeed pissed because I wasted the whole morning trying to figure what was wrong.  When I was about to give up, I remember that “when all else fails, take out the battery pack, reinsert and boot up again”.  And it works. LOL.


  1. Peach says:

    likely to let papa learn how to surf internet or play his solitre. But will still be using the travelmate if i want to surf or blog in the living room or travel overseas.

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