Looking Back

…. For the year 2010

Had an operation to remove 3 nerve tumours, Dawn went to full-day child care, Dawn turned 3 years old and had a Barney-ly birthday at home and in school.

We went to fly kites for the 1st time, got my 1st Mother’s Day card from Dawn, my laptop gave way and had a new hard disk exchanged.

The boss who recruited me left, had a new boss, a busy work year, a more than usual change of colleagues for the year, had some awful time at work.

Had a wonderful wedding with good memories, have a loving husband and very good in-laws and family, shifted to a totally new environment and loving the convenience.

Went to Perak for the 1st time, took night coach for the 1st time :p

Got blessed with Junior 2, had terrible months in August/September due to the all-day sickness, had the most numbers of hospitalisation leave clocked throughout my life.

Bought many toys for Dawn, witness the growth of Dawn, Dawn went to the beach for the 1st time, Brought Dawn to her 1st movie experience, Went for Dawn’s 1st concert, brought her to free shows at the malls for the 1st time.

Had a short but good getaway to Batam, seeing more light with the official legal papers, and BOUGHT our own roof which will be ready in 3 years time! 🙂

Went to eat at many places, such as Ambush, Boulangerie Cafe, Hyang To Gol Korean Restaurant, L’Espresso, Prego, Ootoya etc!

Wow! I think still miss out quite a lot, but can’t remember for now.  I think blogging and facebook status can really help one to look back.  So I shall continue to blog!

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