Entering the 3rd trimester

The “honeymoon” trimester is over…and here I am, having a big belly, at week 30.

Tired, easily strained legs, sleepy, heartburn, is the things that I experience almost any other days.

But I am still very happy …..

…. With the little one actively kicking inside, sometimes playing hide and seek, sometimes playing Gotcha, sometimes playing boxing, it’s really a joy and an emotion which is hard to describe. She reacts to her daddy’s touch, reacts to mummy’s voice, reacts to sister’s laughter…it’s just so amazing that this little one with age 0 knows how to appreciate the simple things in life.

…. With my loving hubby, who takes care of me, who made me felt very adored and loved.  He bought me concentrated bird nests which I will never bear to spend on myself, never once complain my changing body which I felt sometimes ugly (because the eczema and pimples keep coming back to my face, hands and legs), takes care of the active 4 year old. What more can I ask for?

….. With my little Dawn, who just turned 4 year old.  Her progression lately has been tremendous and the words she spoke sometimes can make me fell off the chair.  Sometimes I do feel a little distanced from her because due to my tummy and tiredness, she now tends to look for Daddy for playing time rather than me…but I am glad because the bond which she is building with daddy now is something I hope it will stay in her mind forever.

…. With my family. Mum will prepare bird nests and soup for me when I made that weekly visits, Dad will ask how’s the junior and this kind of concern is something which we seldom will feel from the manly figure. My in-laws had took care of me well and I felt really blessed to have such in-laws. And I already have clothes bought by the sisters for the junior one.

With 10 more weeks to go, there’s still alot of things which we have not done…junior clothes are not washed, hospital bag not packed, cot not delivered here…ahhhhhh! I better stop procrastinating!

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