Kitchen Fun Time #5 – Sandwich Meal

Sandwiches are quick and easy meals, especially after a long day at work. Long gone are the days where the belief that bread are only for breakfast. Instead of paying for $10 (or above) for a simple sandwich meal in restaurants, why not do it yourself? It is a good way to involve the kids – to eat what they make!

Prepare the ingredients (omelette, washed lettuce, sliced cucumber, blanched ham etc) and place them on the serving table. Let your kids “assemble” the sandwich with some initial guidance. After they are done with their own sandwich, ask them to make you one too! 🙂

Here’s how Dawn likes her sandwich to be….first with ham…


Then the omelette…


With lettuce & cucumbers….



And enjoy the sandwich!


But, before tucking in, make one for mommy first ok?


There you go, 2 sandwiches assembled in less than 5 minutes. 🙂


There are a lot of variations that you can do for sandwiches meal.  Make it “complete” like those served in restaurants by adding some potato chips and greens at the side, or add some scramble eggs as well.


Tip : Cut the sandwich into small 4s and use a toothpick to keep the items together, for the little hands.



The man of the house prefers his sandwich to be in whole…


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