The cute things that a 4 year old will say

I had a day of spring cleaning the house, and decided to enjoy a hot bath in our seldom-used bathtub in the evening. When I stepped out of the bathroom, I heard this cute little conversation between Eva and Daddy.

Eva : Daddy, what is mommy doing?

Daddy : Mommy is bathing.

Eva : She is using the bathtub?

Daddy : Yes, darling.

Eva : But…But she is a big girl already! Big girl cannot use bath tub.  Bath tub is for small girls!

>> I can’t help but to laugh while combing my hair. 😀


Every morning, my Father-in-law will fetch Eva as early as 6.45am, and he will bring her to school at 7.30am. I enjoy the little conversations with Eva for that short 5 minutes walk to where my father-in-law will wait for us. I will also say my goodbyes and kisses before we reach the meeting point (because she will “fly” to her grandpa the moment she sees him).

Our usual goodbyes and kisses conversation goes like this :

Me : Bye Bye Eva

Eva : Bye Bye Mommy

Me : *Plant a kiss on her cheeks

Eva : *Plant a kiss on my cheeks

Me : Enjoy your school ok?

Eva : Ok.

And she surprised me with an additional sentence after her “OK” since yesterday.

Me : Enjoy your school ok?

Eva : Ok. Mommy, you enjoy your work ok?

My heart melted with sweetness after that sentence came out from her little mouth. It brings parenthood to much enjoyment, especially when children do sweet and thoughtful things, without being asked to. Not once have I asked her to say that to me, or even expected her to, but the words that she speaks from her heart, do surprise me many times!

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