Kids Friendly Korean Banchan Braised Quail Egg

If you had watch KDrama “Its OK not to be OK” on Netflix, this is the Korean banchan / side dish that Ko Moon-young loves with her rice. The drama made me want to try these braised quail eggs too!

It is also hard to find kids-friendly Korean side dishes which my kids will enjoy. I made these braised quail eggs the non spicy way as my youngest girl is still not very good with spicy food.

I use precooked quail eggs that comes in a packet (or sometimes in cans) as they save me so much time. You should be able to find them in your supermarkets too.

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Korean Banchan Braised Quail Eggs

This braised quail eggs Korean banchan is well like by my family. This is the non-spicy version and thus it is kids friendly recipe.
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Korean


  • 1 Pot


  • 30 Quail Eggs Use Precooked ones to save time
  • 10-15 Garlic peeled
  • 280 ml Water
  • 4 Kelps
  • 50 ml Korean Soy Sauce
  • 1 tbsp Cooking Sake
  • 1 tbsp Raw Sugar


Treatment to Precooked Quail Eggs in brine

  • Drain the brine from the precooked quail eggs
  • Rinse the eggs
  • Add some water in a pot and bring to boil
  • Add the eggs and boil them for about 1 min
  • Remove the eggs and set aside.

Braising the Quail Eggs

  • In an empty pot, add these ingredients and bring them to boil
    280 ml Water, 4 Kelps, 50 ml Korean Soy Sauce, 1 tbsp Cooking Sake, 1 tbsp Raw Sugar, 10-15 Garlic
  • After boiling for 2 mins, remove and discard the kelps
  • Add the quail eggs and braise for 10 mins in medium heat. Gently stir the eggs around so that they have an even braised colour.
  • It's done! Transfer to an airtight container and store them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
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