Dawn’s Hair Cut

We knew we should avoid the Suntec area because of the F1 event this weekend, but we thought that since most drivers will avoid that area, it should not be that crowded in the afternoon before the racing starts.

And we are so right!  It’s so nice to walk in a near empty shopping mall ;p

We brought Dawn to have her hair cut; actually, Dawn was the one who reminded us that she wanted to go for her hair cut when we were at Raffles Link.

I thought I have to let her sit on my lap, but who knows, Dawn sat on the chair herself! She gets to watch her Barney too!

Dawn haircut1

dawn haircut4

dawn haircut5

dawn haircut7

↓ Don’t dare to move her head, so moved her eyes to “bio” Dear who was taking her photo. ;p

dawn haircut8

dawn haircut9

dawn haircut10

Dear took a short video of her. I am proud of my girl!

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