I is for Ice-cream!

Dawn is not a girl who is very adventurous with food.  She usually stick to her own comfort zone when it comes to the choice of food. Things like bread, potato, carrot, fish, rice, kuay teow forms her daily diet.  We have to encourage and praise a lot, in order for her to try new food.

No one can quite believe when I tell them that Dawn doesn’t like Ice cream.  Oh well 🙁

Till……we gave cone biscuit to her! She loves biscuits to begin with, so the ice cream cone is now the reason she will say “I want Ice-cream!”

And she has been snatching Gong Gong, Mummy and Uncle Patrick’s ice cream cone ever since then!

↓ Try Try


↓ Mmmm..nice!


↓ Want some more!


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