Building Sandcastle

Dawn had wanted to go for sand play for the longest time…and we had also placed a picnic mat and the sandcastle tools in the boot of our car, but we never really had a chance to go (actually it was me who rejected the suggestion each time because of the HOT WEATHER! :p)

And yes, we finally made a day for Dawn to build sand castle! And I discovered something new about my hubby …..

He had no idea how to build a sand castle!! No wonder the last time, there wasn’t a proper photo taken for a sand castle!

And under the guide of his brilliant wife, we built our castle together!

Work half the block beside the sand hill?  All along Dawn didn’t want to build the castle with us, she said that she is already building the castle by piling the sand up..


So after the brilliant wife impact the sand castle building skills to the dear hubby, she retreated to the picnic mat :p See how hardworking the dear hubby was!


Ta-da! Look at our castle! Like some Government House hor? Still got wall around it..


Our castle beside Dawn’s hill castle… 😀


It was indeed tiring to squat and build sandcastle, I could feel that my legs were going to give way anytime..

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