Busy Busy Busy

The time flew by…seconds, minutes and hours…

Then it was the days which flew..

And the months..

The year just flew by…

Indeed live up to my name..Busy Mommy.

Having 2 kids really took up most of our time..lesser personal time now, and both hubby & I treasure our couple time and our own personal space whenever we have the opportunity.

We used to be able to sleep at 2am and wake up at 7am to leave for work…now we will start doing the nodding exercise when it’s 11pm.  Those were the days.

But Year 2011 was a rather fruitful year.  Had targets, reached targets and exceeded targets.  Small success but gave us a sense of achievement and joy.  To some other, the small success might be nothing to cheer about, but in our family, small achievement deserves cheers!

Resolutions may not be the right way to end a year and start a new year…for I believe that resolutions will still be resolutions by the end of that new year. Set reasonable goals or targets instead, and there’s surely a report card by the end of the year – whether it’s met, not met or exceeded.

Gambatte everyone! Jia you for the new year!

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