Birthday Celebrations

It’s the time of the year, again.
And this time it’s to welcome the sweet 30s (as quoted by one of my dear friends).
Makan, makan and more makan.
On 10 Aug, Fan, A, Jimmy & Bernard gave me a treat at the japanese restaurant at Tanglin Shopping Centre (I can’t remember what’s the name of the restaurant!). We sat in their japanese-style private room, it was what I wanted to try out all along. It’s nice and cosy. The food were nice, especially the Stew Pork Belly. A said he doesn’t take fatty meat but ended up taking 2 of those meat! 😮
We went for a drink after the dinner. My mom had given me a “time-off” and I could go home after 12am for once. LH came and join us for drink after his work. Aiya, ended up a little high after all the beer games and Fan had to accompany me home. That’s sweet of him. If I have girl-friends who are of his age, I think I will recommend them to him. Hehe 😀
I was on leave on my actual birth-date. Met up with H and went for a simple lunch & dinner. Lunch was at one dim sum place at geylang. So far my best dim sum eatry. Good and cheap!
We watched Perfect Strangers and I can only say this show is brilliant! The plot is just smart. Was amazed on how there’s such brainy people who can plot a murder. Wow!
I wanted to buy a new mobile phone for myself as a present. I chose my phone, proceed to the counter and only to realised that my smses in my present phone cannot be backed up or transferred to the new phone. So went home empty-handed. Bleah!
I met up with CT United girls on 18 Aug. Went to Swensons at Vivocity. I brought Dawn along because it’s my parents day out.
The desserts were nice! We had White Chocolate Blondie & the Fondue. The blondie is exceptionally nice, with the “I-want-more” taste left on my tastebud. Thumbs up!

Of cos, besides all the makan, it’s nice to catch up with my friends. =)
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