Birthday for LH

A long overdued post…

Fan & I went to this Vibe restaurant (at claymore hotel) to “celebrate” LH’s birthday. The rest of the gang were either not able to come or out of town. I call it a “celebration” because it was just a normal dinner get-together. No big parties of ‘cos.
It was a good buffet, with meat and lots of meat! The starters were good too. I was overwhelmed with the high chocolate fondue. Was very tempted to start with the fondue as my starters.

(It’s only 1 fondue, the other one was a mirror reflection)

The meat was good. The chef had to walk around the restaurant to serve us with the meat. He must be very tired after every day of work, so much walking to do.

We had red wine , or rather Fan & LH had the wine. I couldn’t finish even half of the glass of red wine that was poured for me. Such a waste.

And dessert time! They had the dessert served on small individual plates. Nice!

(A display of all the desserts)

(Cheese cake and I had taken a mouth-full)

(Nice tiramisu)

And after dinner I had to go home for Dawn..too bad, no night drinks. Time is so short for me…

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