My new gadget!

I bought my new mobile! It’s a Nokia 6110 Navigator.

Talking about this phone, I was quite upset by the product knowledge of M1 staff of bugis branch.

Remember the previous post where I mentioned that I was told there were no ways to back up my smses? Well, it is POSSIBLE for Nokia phones. Just by using the Nokia PC Suite, it is POSSIBLE to back up the smses from the Nokia phone. The M1 counter staff told me a FIRM NO and that it is impossible even to use the Nokia Suite.

Another thing was, while I was at that branch, I asked TWO M1 staff whether this 6110 Navigator has WIFI and I can tap on the free wireless@SG. Both of them told me YES. When I was at M1 Paragon, the staff there told me this phone doesn’t come with an in-built WIFI. Can you imagine my shock? I can excuse them from not knowing that smses can be backed up as they might not be Nokia users, but how can they not know the new mobile phones features? And they couldn’t even bothered to check the specifications?!

Anyway, I bought the phone. I was rather disappointed by this phone too.. It hung 3 times within 4 days. And I realised I have to be slow in pressing the buttons especially when switching applications. Haiz…

And the camera seems worst than my previous 6230i 1.3 mega pixa camera…

The navigator doesn’t seem to pick up my present location. It kept stating “Getting position”. I think I will remain lost for half a day if I depend on this navigator for directions. Duh. (Or anyone can help me with my settings?)

Oh well..but it’s good to have a new a birthday present for myself. =)

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