Will I get paid for blogging?

For these recent weeks, there were at least 3 media reports in Singapore on how much the bloggers in Singapore had been earning. These reports got me excited and I asked myself whether one day I will start getting paid to blog.  How nice it is to have that extra cash to spend on my little Dawn, isn’t?

While surfing the Internet one night, I bumped into this website. Get paid to blog, it said. I was curious and read further. The more I read, the more excited I got.  Is this the answer? Is this the place which will start me off?

My mind started to wonder off as I went through the registration form.  Halfway through the registration, I turned around to look at Dawn, who was peacefully sleeping in her cot.  If I get my first paycheck, I will spend it on her.  She is my motivation, my little darling.

So here I am, a member of PayPerPost, blogging about my first assignment. Let’s just hope that assignments will not stop here and it will get more! 😀

Are you also interested to get paid to blog? If yes, join PayPerPost!  I will be glad to know you too! 🙂

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