Free Samples and Freebies!

Ok, I am getting real here. I love to receive free samples and freebies (who doesn’t?).  Especially after I have my girl.  I mean, it could be just a sample diaper or a one-time feed of milk powder, but to me, it’s a potential opportunity to save some hard-earned money. Also, the samples allow me to test the product first before making a real purchase.

I have a few friends who had asked me where to get those samples and freebies.  I am going to share them here so that the other parents can “benefit” too. 😀

  1. Abbott – You can get free samples of Similac, Gain, Grow, Pediasure, Isomil milk powder.  If you are expecting, they will also send you this booklet on “Naming your baby”. Sign up as their member too! They will send you a 400g tin of milk powder when your baby is 6 months old and 1 year old.  And I must say they are very prompt in this too 🙂
  2. Dumex – You can get samples on their Mamil Gold series or the Nutrakids Cereal if your kid is ready for semi solids. For pregnant ladies, you can get the Mamil Mama! 😀
  3. Enfa – Here’s the Enfapro, Enfagrow & Enfakid or Enfamama milk powder. If you sign up as the club member, they will send you a 400g tin of milk powder when your baby is 6 months old. After which, they will send 2 packets of the 1 year old milk powder.  But if I remember correctly, their membership has an expiry date.
  4. Nestle –  You can’t ask for free samples over the Internet for nestle.  But there’s a customer service number which you can call to ask for NAN sample and Brown Rice/White Rice cereal samples.
  5. Goo.N Diapers – Register and get a free sample of the Goo.N Diaper.
  6. Huggies – Register and request for samples.  You can request up to two samples per product per household.
  7. Sometimes Drypers also gives samples but information can be found in their advertisements in magazines for mothers.  They will usually require you to sms to ask for samples.  Huggies does that too.  So look out for those advertisements!
  8. Collect a free babyplus bag when you join the FairPrice BabyPlus Club. There are goodies in the bag!
  9. Depending on which hospital you gave birth to your child, you will get a Bag of Love or the Baby Plus guidebook. Check out here.
  10. If you are staying in the southwest district, you can get a babybliss cash-card valued at $38! This amount is good for paying off some ERP or car park charges right?! For those who do not drive, you can buy your baby items and pay off using the cash-card.  Check out details here.

Do note that these freebies are for those who are staying in Singapore.  For information about samples and freebies in other parts of the world (for example, US), check out bestfreestuffonline.

Hope this helps! 🙂

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