When the kid is running a temperature

Because I was sick, my little one became sick too.  Oh well, we sleep together, how to avoid spreading the least bit of virus to her?

So poor Dawn started with a fever on Monday afternoon.  We brought her to the doctor and had to trick her into taking the medicine with her favourite biscuits.  However, her fever still went up and down through Tuesday.

On Wednesday one-ish morning, Dawn vomited in her sleep. It really threw me into a state of shock because that was the least expected.  And I am grateful that I got up in time to check on her instead of having her choked on her own vomit.  Despite the shock, I managed to clean her and the bed up, fed her medicine and pat her back to sleep.

Half an hour later, Dawn vomited again.  And I knew that something might be very wrong.  I had to ask my mom for help.  I felt really really bad to disturb my mom from her rest, but I was in my wits ends and was also afraid that something really bad has happened to Dawn.

We bought Dawn to KK Hospital. Despite her vomiting and temperature, she was still asked to wait for almost 2 hours before the doctor attended to her.  My Goodness, I really cannot understand why A&E in hospitals need to wait for so long?  And trust me, the number of patients during our visit was not alot, but we just cannot understand the long wait.

Furthermore, despite having to pay the consultation fee of $75, I have to do the sponging myself,  feed Dawn glucose water myself and monitor her myself.  And I wasn’t even given a satisfied answer as to why Dawn is having a fever. And they are dealing with the “possible dehydration” issue when the doctor herself told me that there’s no dehydration because Dawn is having very wet eyes. What’s all these about??

Fortunately, Dawn’s fever started to subside.  But because I was still very worried about her vomiting in her sleep, I ended up waking every hour on Wednesday night.  I guess that’s how most moms will feel, issn’t?

Through all these, I learnt from my mom that when babies are running a fever, it’s best that they stop their solid food because their digestive system might not be functioning 100%.  If kids vomit, it’s better to keep feeding them clear liquid so as to keep them hydrated.  In this case, milk is to be avoided till the kid shows no more sign of vomiting.