What will we do?

I was very disturbed with the recent news about the China Earthquake.  So much so that my eyes will be filled with tears whenever I read news about the dead and the survivors’ stories.

Many of the reports covered about the huge numbers of schools being destroyed during the quake.  And it really hurts me when I looked at the number of children being killed because of the collapsed schools. I mean, can you imagine the hurt that was brought to their living parents? Even if the parents were killed during the quake, will their souls rest peacefully? Were their last thoughts wondered around the fate of their own children?

As I felt the tremors last night at around 10-ish p.m., I started to wonder, what will we, Singaporeans, do if a earthquake strikes us? What will I do? What if the tremors last night was indeed a earthquake that had hit Singapore? And that the buildings start collapsing on me?

As I was lying on my bed, I thought of my immediate actions if there’s ever a quake happening.  Which table am I going to run to?  Will I be quick enough to carry Dawn in my arms and run to the nearest sturdy table to take cover? And what if we managed to survive the quake but was buried under the debris? Will Dawn have enough will to survive? What will I do for our survival? Will I drink my own urine?

Look, I am not being paranoid.  But have you not thought that we Singaporeans are living in too much a protected area? So much so that we are taking granted of our own bliss? Of course I am not wishing or hoping that Singapore will get a earthquake or some very bad natural disaster! But do Singaporeans know that we are indeed fortunate? I too sometimes am guilty of that with all the complaining (“how damn hot is the weather!”) 🙁

It must have been a frightening experience for the children and adults in China.  The battle to try and outrun the falling bricks, enduring the sight of nearby friends falling one by one, and own ears are filled with the sound of cries. I really cannot imagine any further.  And I really hope the survivors will be stong to build their lives again. Gambatte people!

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