It’s been quite some time since the last post.

It’s a tiring week. Work, work and more work…work that is never ending.

Had a week long event held in Regent Hotel. Helping a colleague with some on-site support. 7am to 6pm or later kind of thing. It’s tiring because of the running around for the first few days, the early days and the late nights, plus having to work from home every night till 11pm+.

But I’m happy. No complains. It keeps me occupied. No time to think things which makes me sad or unhappy.

Talking about Regent Hotel, do you know where it is? I am kind of sua-ku before this event as I never heard of this hotel. It’s a Four Seasons Hotel, okie! 有眼不识泰山!!On Monday when I first stepped into the hotel, my jaw nearly reach the ground. I thought it’s some 3-4 star business hotel like Traders, but I am so damn wrong! It’s so grand inside can! Especially the lights at the hotel lobby. And I like those glass lifts, it’s just so….just so …hotel lor..I have no other better words to describe.

However, there’s a “fault” in the hotel design. The 2nd and 3rd floor has transparent side railings. Girls wearing skirts or dresses will 走光 if walking or standing too near the railing. And of ‘cos clumsy me didn’t realise that till it was erm…too late..haha!

For the past 1 week, I had been eating..like a pig! Breakfast, morning teabreak, buffet lunch, afternoon teabreak. I can go without dinner for 3 of the nights…imagine that!

May is coming soon! Besides a busy month with lots of work, it’s a feasting month. I want my crabs!

Dawn went for her 5-in-1 injection on 20th Apr. I signed her up for the additional injection such as pneumococcal. Poor Dawn, 1 injection on each thigh…end up being very cranky for 2 days…can’t even make her smile or laugh.

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