I wonder

I was wondering….

How many men in this earth will acknowledge their real feelings? Or rather, understand their own complex feelings?

Or do they know that they have feelings in the first place?

Do they know what they are feeling? Or neglecting real feelings is a way to display a masculine side of themselves?

Or is it that women are more complex in their feelings and emotions? Do they feel more than men? Do they think more than men?

Why are we made so differently? Why can’t men & women feel the same, think the same?

Why women always read between the lines and men always read the lines?

Why do women nag at their beloved? Why do men wants women to love them but never understand that women nag because they care?

Is there really no equal love? Why must it be always an unbalanced love relationship? Is it that when a woman loves a man too much, the man will take it for granted that the woman will stay and there’s no need for the romance that brought them together?

How to be that kind of woman whom the man will love, will respect, will cherish? How? What can make a man stay faithful, loving and not forget about romance in the journey?

What does man know about filling woman’s love tank? Why is woman’s love tank always depleted?

Why do women always have lots of “WHYS”? Why does man can’t stand the WHYS?


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