They are all the same

I realised,Men seldom acknowledged that they are wrong, even when they are really wrong. The word “sorry” is so hard to come out from their mouth.

Men hate the past. They rather sweep everything under the carpet than to deal with it. By brushing everything away, it’s called “moving on”. By neglecting the feelings of their partners, it means having dominant over the situation.

Men are quick tempered. They must finish saying what they are unhappy about, and never allow their partners to voice their unhappiness. They expect the partner to shut up before the words fuel their temper to a volcano eruption. But they never shut up even though the partner is about to erupt.

I may be bias in this post. However, these are thoughts that come to me based on my experience with men in my life. I am not saying that I am 100% correct, but these are my thoughts. To all those men who are reading this and disagree to all my statements, you may just be those extinct men out there whom are no longer available for me. I salute you and envy your partner.

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  1. Guan says:

    I seldom acknowledge I’m in the wrong. But when I do, I say sorry.I don’t hate the past. I just hate the old me.I am quick-tempered. But I listen too…. so there ya go =P

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