The Beginning of her life outside the womb

Back from the hospital..I felt that half of my strength is gone. Didn’t know or expect that giving birth is this straining. No wonder for the strict confinement rules.

Here’s my labour story.

10~11pm – My brother-in-law and sister came and pick me up to go Mt A. My parents wanted to come along too. Decided that I should have my fill of Fillet-O-fish 1st! 😀

12am – Reach Mt A, was shoo-ed to the delivery ward without registering. Gynae was there! Heng ah! I felt more assured if he is the one doing the induction than the nurses here. Nurses are ROUGH!

1230am – Changed out of my clothes. Gynae inserted the induction pill. Was told not to get out of bed in the next one hour

130am – Cannot take it, must go pee. Haiz.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, the clock is so loud that I couldn’t sleep at all

2am+ – Contractions getting worst…

5am + -The contractions is killing me! The backaches that comes with the contraction is terrible. It’s like a hammer breaking my bones! Spare me!

6am – Nurse came and check my dilation. 1.5cm, ONLY! OMG! And she is damn rough can?! 

7am+ – Had my breakfast of 1 miserable slice of bread and a cup of milo. How to fill my stomach?

Cannot tahan the contraction already. I NEED EPIDURAL!

8am+ -Epidural administered. Finally! Instant pain-free! The administering is painless too.

9am+ – Another nurse came and check my dilation. No feeling..Epidural wan shui! But I am only 3cm dilated. OMG, when is this going to end? Gynae came in and break my waterbag.

Gynae said I will most likely be delivering Dawn at around 4-5pm. I was like HUH?! can be faster or not? I am damn hungry lor.

12pm+ – 8 cm dilated! Nurse said I can start pushing at 1pm+ They are calling my Gynae to inform him.

130pm – The midwives and nurse positioned me and ask me to start pushing. How to push? I don’t know whether I am pushing the right way. Should be lah. 

215pm – Gynae came, and I am still trying hard to push. I am out of strength. I felt dizzy. I felt like giving up. Everything is spinning around me.

245pm – Asked Gynae to assist me using vacuum. I really tried my best. 1 hr 15mins of pushing is draining away all my energy.

250pm – I felt like puking.

252pm – Puke 4 times, Dawn is out.

The moment Dawn is out, Gynae placed her on my chest. I teared. She is such a darling. Someone who encouraged me by kicking me when I was feeling down. Someone who despite all unfavorable condition remains strong. Someone who is determined to live.

After I settled down at around 4pm+, I was left alone in the ward to rest. I smsed some of my friends about Dawn’s appearance. And these friends came down to visit me immediately on that very same day. They are such a lovable bunch of people! 🙂

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