It’s time

Went to the Gynae again. Mom went with me as she’s worried that I will be admitted straight away. ..told her otherwise, but she was still very concerned.

CTG checked that my contractions are not that regular. Cervix still not open (aiyo!). And the most crucial, my water level drop again! Gynae said I must be induced today or tomorrow. Looks like I have no other choices. At least I should be thankful that I still can walk in to the hospital smiling, and not panic over sudden contractions.

So here am I, back at home, packing up all my stuff to bring to the hospital. After today, I won’t be alone in the room anymore. I have a life to take care for the next 21 years at least. Not sure how my delivery process will be…hope I am strong.

Will be reaching Mt A after 12am (21 Jan), still have a few hours more..

My friends were excited for me! Rine and Na had been sms-ing me.

It’s scary to just think about the “What” inside the delivery ward….

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