The after-thoughts

Yesterday was my 2nd appt with HDB. I had a mad rush trying to do the final clearance last week… so many things to pack, so many things to shift, so many things to throw. Strange, I had already started packing long long ago…but there were just too many things to pack in the house.

Sunday as I spent my quiet time alone in the house, I was overwhelmed by emotions. I cannot help but to travel through the time machine and remembered the day when I stepped out of HDB after collecting the house keys. I can still remember I was smiling, skipping away, shaking the keys in my hands. And I cannot forget the smily faces of some onlookers who saw my expression and action then. Ironic issit?

As I look at the empty house, it was as empty as I first shifted in. Many years back, it was an anxiety to fill up the house. Many years now, it was an anxiety to empty the house asap. Ironic issit?

Almost half of the time I was there on Sunday, I was tearing up the photos. Taking everyone out from the album and tearing them to pieces. Why spend so much money on these photos in the 1st place? What’s the point? If relationship is not worth the effort or it’s so fragile, what can photos help? What’s the point of past memory if the relationship is an ugly one? Yes, it’s good, it’s sweet…ONLY if the relationship is sweet or sweeter as the years passed. Not only did the photos hurt my pockets then, the tearing up hurts my fingers too. Ironic issit?

Whichever is the case, I AM glad that the 2nd appointment is over! I repeated my way of exiting HDB as the time when I collected the key, only that this time, I was shaking the cheque instead of the keys. And with a very much lighted-heart, I left HDB. Till the time for my next house~

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