She finally knows it!

Had always wonder when Dawn will learn how to hold her own milk bottle…she is considered slow in this area as I realised we had spolit her unknowingly since she was born..
Then I realised that each child is special and different. They each have their own timeline, their own pace. Dawn could be slower in one area , but she could be faster in another area. So if there’s nothing too serious to be alarmed with, let the kids follow their own pace.
And finally, she knows how to hold her milk bottle on 31 March 08! I was just trying my luck again, during the night feed. Sat her down on the usual place, the sofa, and gave her the bottle. To everyone’s surprise and much excitement, Dawn held on to her own bottle as though an expert in it!

Horray to my free hands when it’s dawn’s feeding time! 😀

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