Silly me

I hurt my neck when I sneezed this morning…how silly can that be?

I was chatting with Jimmy on MSN and suddenly I felt this sneeze that was coming..I wanted to pinch my nose but I was typing a message for Jimmy, and I think because of the confusion sent by the brain, my hands did not know which to do and I ended up trying to control my sneeze…and that’s the most wrong thing to do..

Ended up with a badly strained neck, which the pain extended to the upper spine area, down to my right shoulder and numbness on my right hand. When I walked to the clinic from my office, I nearly wanted to break down and cry, it was so pain can?!

The doctor gave a funny smile when I told her about the sneeze & pain and when she pressed her hands on my neck, she said “wow, it’s quite bad!”

I was given 2 days MC, and the medication is super drowsy… I can sleep like a pig even under very noisy construction work 😮

Faster recover…it’s a pain in the neck!

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