My little Angel

Who else but my little Dawn?

During my saga of all-day-sickness, she’s so sweet that you cannot imagine that this 3.5 years old girl really seems to understand what’s going on.


Me : (the feeling starts building up at my throat)

Me : Dawn, quick, potty!

Dawn : (lifts her head up from what’s she was playing, stood up and ran into the bedroom)

Dawn : Mummy here (ran to me with a potty)


Me : (Made that awful puking sound)

Dawn : Mummy it’s ok one, don’t worry ok? (sayang me on my shoulder)


Me : (Lying on the bed, rubbing the tummy because the feeling was so awful)

Dawn : Mummy, baby naughty again ah?

Me : Ya

Dawn : (shouting) Baby! Don’t bully mummy!!


Dawn : Daddy, I want to go gai gai

Daddy : Mummy not feeling well, we stay at home ok? We go gai gai when mummy is better

The few weekends after that, Dawn did not ask for gai gai anymore. Very understanding girl hor?


A few weeks later…

Dawn : (Looked up from what she was doing suddenly) Mummy, you ok already?

Me : Yes, much better than last few weeks

Dawn : Orh (Went back to what she was doing)

Me : Dawn, why?

Dawn : (Flashed a big smile) Yeah, can go swimming already!


What more can we ask?

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