Malacca – The Trip

We had been bringing Dawn for short getaway holidays every year since she was born, how can we not do so this year? 🙂 It’s not a means of pampering the kid, as she is unable to  differentiate a holiday and a weekend yet. It is rather a way to train her to accomodate to different countries,  to rest over at different places (instead of her own bed), to experience different things and of ‘cos to train myself to be courageous.

We had been to Batam twice since she was barely 1 year, Bangkok once when she just crossed her 1 year birthday and the trips had different mode of transport, ie the ferry and the plane. This year we decided on Malacca, partly because of the things we want to get over there, and also a different experience for little Dawn – a 5 hours coach ride and a super long queue at the customs -.-

So here’s the very excited Dawn and despite waking up at 6am, she still so happy and fresh when we boarded the bus at 8am.




Dawn seldom want to sit on her own, she finds comfort on daddy’s or mummy’s lap often. And of ‘cos the iphone became her past time…


And sweet dreams.. the journey to Malacca :


And the journey back to Singapore :


The rocking coach seems to be a good sleeping place for Dawn..

These are our bags, and they are not all…there’s another big samsonite luggage and Dawn’s pram at the luggage compartment of the coach.


And this was the coach that brought us to and fro Singapore and Malacca. Both times when we stopped by Yong Peng, Dawn was sleeping and hence she missed out the nice fish balls and the tibits store! And the lovely Daddy stayed inside the coach with her while I went for my toilet break. 😀  Oh, and the driver locked up the bus when he went for his I was left standing outside with both my babies inside the coach 🙁


M’sia has alot of advertisement signboards on the side of the highway and I always think is such an amazing way to advertise .  You will never get to see such advertisement in space leh!  Imagine it on PIE? :p


We stayed in Hotel Equatorial and I must say it is a good choice, espically for families with young kids. It is convenient as it is just beside the new shopping mall.



Random shot in the hotel because I find the shot with 2 long stairs looks nice 😀


Our room consist of a king size bed and an additional bed for Dawn.  Dawn were so happy to see the single bed and jumped on it and shouted “Dawn Dawn’s bed!” Very thankful that she didn’t jump on the king size bed and insist that she wants to sleep there..


The little bar area which I make milk for Dawn …


Our room is pool view and thus this is the pool view from the top! Nice pool!


Some other random shots of the skyline of Malacca…nice yah?






We went to Makota for our shopping and I can say that things found in Makota are much cheaper than things found in Makota Parade.  Makota is currently under renovation but business are as usual.


Parkson is inside Makota and cheap buy can be found inside there which will leave you feeling satisfied with the good buy 🙂


Opposite of Makota is the Makota Parade.  Padini is also a nice place to shop inside there.


This is the “wheel” that will give a bird’s eye view of the town.


Dawn were happy with the many Christmas Decorations in the shopping malls and hotel. And she took a few photos with them..



This is my favorite photo..I was shooting their back views and both of them turn back to look at me at the same time, and gave me the same kind of smile at the same time.  Candid right!



I will write another post on Malacca, and that will be the food we had there! 😀

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