Kiddy Rides….

and I wonder why kids love them….

Can’t really understand or remember how & why I once used to like kiddy rides too.  Moving at the same motion over and over again for a thrill of maybe 1 minute? It seems to suck the kids into it…including Dawn!

Dawn & her Barney train ↓

kiddy rides6

↓ Dawn and the red racing car

kiddy rides1

↓ And she asked Uncle Patrick to “Come in!”

kiddy rides2

↓ Issn’t Uncle Patrick sporting?  No wonder the kids love him! 😀

kiddy rides3

↓ Dawn & the Merry Go Round

kiddy rides8

↓ And the ride is so long that she somehow got bored and started to look at other games beside.

kiddy rides9

↓ This is not a kiddy ride, but she seems to like to climb up too..

kiddy rides11

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