It’s time again!

It’s that season again and time to practice my skill.  Having to do it only once a year is really testing my memory on the steps.  I wonder how my mother-in-law does it?!

Getting ready the leaves….


The rice…


And the very nice fillings…


This is my branch of victory…succeed only after a few refreshers from my MIL.. :p


And this time round, we tied a red string over my work…so that I can see what to improve on after they are cooked.

Absolutely wrapped by me…


Dear commented that the rice are too thick at the corners, so I got to position them better next time.

I haven’t quite learn the roles of preparing the leaves, rice and fillings, but had made more notes this year than previous.  Soon I will combine all the notes and make the Bazhang myself one day!



P/S : Pardon me for the photos as they were taken using my phone..hands were too oily to take out the camera 😀

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