It’s Dec!

Dec. The month of holidays, presents and good food.

Coming to the end of the year. What have you accomplished this year? What have you not?

* Holidays *

My company is pretty generous this year. We have the eves declared as the Company Public Holiday. So I have 2 long weekends!

I finally have a holiday overseas (in the definition of having the passport stamped!), after a long 3 years! Though is not somewhere far (Batam ie.), but it’s good enough for me now. Brought Dawn along too. And all these will not be possible if it’s without him. Had a very good time there, even though little Dawn drained most of our energy away… 😀

* Presents *
He surprised me with an anniversary gift on 7 Dec.. and that’s Romance!

The one fragrance that makes me feel happy… and now it makes me think of him whenever that sweet fragrance comes by. 😀

He brought me to shop for my Christmas present too..Titus watch!

Pretty issn’t?

I brought myself a present too…and that is PSP Slim! :p

Not all of these, ie. Mine is the felicia blue one (the most right)!


* Food & Merry *

Had a steamboat gathering with the girls on 8 Dec at Rine’s place. Met up with long-lost Pau. She didn’t change much, still as dramatic as before.. ;p Dear nearly fell off the chair when he first witnessed Pau’s drama.. haha!

Had a company function at Rogues. Nice chill-out place at the roof top. But the food were served alittle too slow…Were too busy and forgot to take pictures of the food!

Had Ayam Penyet in Batam. Nice! So much better than what I had in Singapore before. The avacado drink is cheap and heavenly!

Had a good Christmas day with him, with lots of walking, buying of gifts, and lots of walking. Yes, correct…I am emphasizing on the “walking” :p We had good lunch and dinner at Holland Village..and the dinner satisfied his’s craving for pork knuckle 😀


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