Goodbye…. and Hello…

As I looked through my posts for the year, I am glad that I have not lived 2007 in vain.

I remembered last year this day, I was filled with anxiety, frustrations, confused feelings and despair. Dawn was in my tummy then and I was typically dragging my feet everywhere because of her increased weight in me. The weight in my tummy was as heavy as my heart.

Today, as I rested my head on his‘s shoulder, when we were on our way home in a cab after a new year’s eve dinner with friends, I am so glad that I had lived this day. My heart was light, filled with thankfulness, love and having the feeling of being protected.

It is indeed good to end 2007 with Dear and start 2008 with him, by my side.

Goodbye 2007.

Hello 2008!

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  1. How It started? says:

    This is what I had been telling you at the begining of 2007… blessing in disguise…. see, now it happened to you… you remembered how negative you were then when I shared my story with you….. :)Have a Happy & Healthy 2008, and may many good years to come…..

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