It’s a bug’s life


There are 3 person in a department.

Donald makes sure that the logistic needs of the department is met.  His job includes making sure that his colleagues’ desks are cleaned before they reach, he clears the rubbish when the bin is overloaded and whenever his colleagues need some copying to be done, he is there to do it.

Minnie serves the clients, both the internal and external ones.  She will ensure that her clients needs are met.  Due to the nature of the work which deals with alot of logistics, she will usually has to work with Donald on the logistics aspect. She will also need to seek advices and directions from Tom.

Tom is the head of the department.  He ensures that the department work efficiently and plans the operations of the department.  He has to resolve the things which his subordinates are unable to solve. Donald and Minnie report to him.Everyone has their role right? Specific hor? Well, not quite.What happens when one of them is not around or not doing their job?

If Donald is on leave, Minnie has to do his job.  Because the bins can only contain so much and it can’t be left overloaded, she has to clear it. Because the copying has to be given out and can’t wait for Donald to come back, Minnie has to do it. So who is doing Minnie’s job when she is doing Donald’s job? No one.

If Tom is on leave, who has to ensure that the department still function? Minnie.  Because she is the next senior in line.  Department efficiency is everyday affair, so Minnie has to jump in to help if need be. So who is doing Minnie’s job when she is helping out Tom’s work? No one.

If Minnie is on leave, what will happen?






Nothing will happen.  Her work will only just stack up..because Donald is too junior to understand Minnie’s work, and Tom is too busy with the daily efficiency.

Hmm..what if both Donald and Minnie is not around?  Do you think Tom will help to cover both their job?



  1. keith says:

    Basically minnie is the only person who can do donald’s and tom’s work.

    if she’s not around, the other 2 muz be around.

    Soo… if Tom is a clever head, he will make sure that either minnie or himself and Donald is around.

    Poor minnie.

  2. Bernard says:

    Tom is the head of the department. As the head he has to know how to delegate and plan backups for his subordinates. Therefore Donald has to learn some of Minnie’s work and both Tom and Donald will be backups for Minnie.

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