Hand Painting

Daddy bought 2 boxes of Crayola washable paints for the kids. The kids can’t wait to try them out!


What’s good with these paint is their “washable” ability.  It’s so easy to wash off from their hands, from their clothes and even from the seat cover which Eva accidentally stained. My eyes were wide opened when hubby told me the $$ he paid for the 2 boxes of paint but all was redeemed after seeing the wonders of the paint.

Look at how they use the paint on their palms and fingers, you will know where I am coming from!

IMG_0667 Collages52

Dawn did some nice finger painting.  The younger sister simply followed what Jie Jie was doing….


Look at Eva’s smiles when she saw her artistic “output. So much satisfaction, so much happiness 🙂

Dawn’s final artwork of her finger/hand painting.. 🙂


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