Food that We Love…

What’s life when one doesn’t know how to appreciate and love good food for our own taste buds? Especially in this country of ours! 🙂

Love the crispy Oat/cereal that comes with the fresh fried prawns…


Love the bowl of hot bee hoon soup on a cold/wet day..or a very cold air-conditioned restaurant..


Love that Cream Sauced or salted egg crabs…whether it’s dry sauce or alot of sauce to dip those fried “man tou”…


Love the crispy egg and flour in the plate of fried oysters…


Love the plate of Truly-Singapore kind of Fried Kway Teow..


And who can forget Pork Satay with the fats BBQ till crispy and juicy? And that bowl of satay sauce that comes with pineapple too?


And of ‘cos with the right companion who enjoy the same food with you! ♥ ♥

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