How nice it will be if I will ever get a $88 Angbao out of nothing…

No..this is not talking about the $88 angbao that’s not real…

I went shopping the other day. It’s so hard to look for clothes nowadays. The fashion is way out of my liking. All those fluffy, baggy clothes reminds me of my pregnant clothes. Yucks! Why on earth fashion turn into something that makes every lady walking on the street look like they are pregnant?!

Walked the whole of shopping mall but I could not find something which gave me a reason to sign my credit card.

Was about to leave when… I spotted this top which is the right cut, right fashion, right colour, right fit….. and guess what?

It cost $88!

I can’t part with my money for a top that cost $88 …I just can’t….and I walked away….


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