Dawn is 1! Sweet!

Celebrating Dawn’s birthday gave me a whole new perspective of things. It’s VERY different from celebrating my own or any others’ birthdays.

Our own birthdays could be filled with cake, presents, dinners, gatherings etc etc. It’s a day of self-declared “Me” holiday (well, most will chose to take leave from work on the day of the birthday), it’s possibly a day of “Age-anxiety”. It could be a day of reflection of the past years and counting on the things which were achieved. It’s just about “ME”.

When I celebrated Dawn’s birthday…..I suddenly realised that birthdays are so noble. Noble for the mothers, ie. It’s no longer about how big the cake is, or how much presents my dear girl has received, BUT it’s an indication of how much my dear girl had grown for that past 1 year. And this indication and thought that ran inside me is so heart-warming, so real and so filled with thanks-giving.

And I appreciated my own mother more.

Whether my birthday is celebrated or not, that noble indication makes the day as or even brighter than any kind of celebration; or no-celebration. That day, even how old I am, will always bring my mother back to the day when she was delivering me.

And yes, I thought of the day Dawn was born. Everything was fresh in my the extend of the sound of the equipment, Dawn’s 1st cry and Dawn’s 1st look at me when she was pulled to my body the moment she was out.

I look forward to every Dawn’s birthday..I know whenever her birthday comes, I aged… but as long as she is healthy & happy, I am happy.

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