Drawings of a 8 Year old

It’s definitely amazing to see how children progress in their drawings, from early childhood (1-3 years) to school age (6-12 years). They started with faint lines (or marks) when they first hold a writing/drawing instrument and started with a lot of imagination with the lines that they drew. Those little “marks” on the paper can be the birds that they imagined, or their favourite person and food.

Then the lines or marks became “stronger” and more defined and they slowly evolved to irregular shapes that seems like oval or circle. They learned to control their strength and you can really see that they seem to be struggling with a skill which is so normal to most of us.

I was very amazed with what Dawn drew recently because it was such a different picture compared to how she drew in the past. It really showed how far we came (or aged) and how she had continued to improve on her own without much guidance.  Though these may be nothing compared to those children who can draw really well, these 2 drawings are enough to make me weld in tears like a super emotional mommy.

Cheers to motherhood!!



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