Do you think that distance will make the heart fonder? Does not having to see each other frequently makes the hearts grow more love?

It doesn’t work for me. I need communication, I need to see, I need touch, and these will make my heart grow more love. Distance will only make me lose trust, lose confidence and enter into a state of denial. I will end up chosing to forgo and build a wall around so as to protect myself from being hurt. Instead of growing love, the love leak, because my love tank is not filled. I will start wondering whether the other party has already slag in the relationship and started to take my presence for granted.

Am I weird? Maybe I am. But I live with the principle that I do not want to regret if unforeseen things happened…why can’t human just treasure the people around as much as they can, instead chose to have distance and wished that “if only you had seen him/her yesterday before he/she left this world”?

Funny issn’t? Some prefer distance, some prefer closeness.

Which moves your heart?

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