Dawn’s Dinner

Dawn had been learning to feed herself since April.  Here’s one of the post which I had made about this : Yummy Yummy.

Looking at her own progress, we think that it’s time for her to feed herself for her main meals.  Her first attempt was in Dear’s place while we had teochew porridge for lunch.  She did an excellent job and even though there’s some mess on the chair and the floor, it’s considered a good attempt for a kid of her age.  And of ‘cos the understanding and encouragement from Dear’s parents did a wonderful part in this partnership.

My mum gave me this unbelievable look when I told her that Dawn should start feeding herself for her main meals.  I guess is the thought of having to clean after Dawn…but if we continue to be so protective over the kid, how can she learn? How can she explore?

Anyway, because today is Sunday and I was at home during Dawn’s dinner (which during weekdays I would be still at work), mom had no choice but to let Dawn feed herself because I insisted. :p

And Dawn finished her dinner by herself, with minimal mess, and even stopped my mum from feeding her when at one point my mum was concern that the porridge was getting cold. I have a girl who has character! (and sometimes too much of that…haiz).

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