Dawn is 2!

It seems like we had just celebrated Dawn’s 1st year birthday.  And now, we are celebrating her 2nd birthday!

I thought of organising a birthday party for Dawn.  One of the suggestions was to have a BBQ.  However, after much consideration, I decided to have a small cosy affair.

So with a beautiful cake, a nice home-cooked meal and Dawn’s VIP guest list (we are her very important people in her life right now mah!), we had a wonderful time.

↓ Cake from Pine Garden Cakes.

dawn 2yr bd2

↓ Beautiful Cake! Dawn said “Elmo Elmo” when she saw the cake.

dawn 2yr bd4

dawn 2yr bd6

↓ Wow! I have a pink piano as my present!

dawn 2yr bd9

↓ Present from my Yee Yees. I am 2! Ops, still can’t do the “2” on my fingers.

dawn 2yr bd10

↓ Uncles fixed up my piano.

dawn 2yr bd11

↓ The Delicious Bee Hoon prepared by Poh Poh.

dawn 2yr bd14

↓ Beautiful Cake again with candals.

dawn 2yr bd15

↓ Posing with my piano. I chose this pose myself!

dawn 2yr bd29

↓ Playing and singing at the same time. Smart or not?

dawn 2yr bd30

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