Dawn goes to school!

2nd Jan 2009, time for Dawn to go school!

I signed her up for a 2 hour play-group.  Dawn is yet 2 years old, and my mom said that Dawn is such a poor thing to go school so early; which I totally disagree.  It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to go school and she can learn how to make friends.

Here’s Dawn ready to go school! ↓


Busy playing ↓


Still busy playing ↓


Busy playing and trying to make friends ↓


Acting busy ↓ ;p


There are a few kids who cried, a few kids clinging to their parents/ah ma and refused to join the rest of the kids. Dawn was so busy playing from one area to another area.

I will not follow her into the classroom on Monday…it’s time for Dawn to learn some independence.


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