My Mum : Where is Gong Gong (公公)? (Gong Gong means my dad)

Dawn : Gong Gong working.

My Mum : Where is Mummy?

Dawn : Mummy work in P*********. (my company name)

My Mum : Then what is Poh Poh (婆婆)doing? (Poh Poh is my mum)

Dawn : Poh Poh look (after) Dawn. (She omits the “after” word)

My Mum : Dawn Dawn leh? Dawn Dawn do what?

Dawn : Dawn Dawn drink milk milk.

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  1. kathy says:

    hahahahaha… she so cute, just like jus now, she kiss me and let me carry her, and she like very comfortable when I carried her….. hahahahaha….
    where is the ice cream post leh?

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