What is Your Name?

The very first few things that we taught Dawn when she started talking, was answering to the question of “What is your name?”.  This is usually a common question that others will ask a little girl and my feel is how can my little girl doesn’t know how to answer that question?  By able to recognise and know how to answer a “name” question should help boost kid’s confidence, at least that’s what I strongly feel.  Now at 2 and a half years, she can answer the question in both Mandarin and English.

Me : 你叫什么名?

Dawn : 佳萱!

Me : 你今年几岁?

Dawn : 两岁半!

Me : What is your name?

Dawn : Dawn (Dawn)!

Me : How old are you?

Dawn : Two!

The reason why Dawn still says “Two” in English instead of “Two and a half” because it’s too mouthful for her.  She started mumbling “Three and a half” instead, which I think is a no-no incase the restaruants start charging me for her buffet price! :p

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