Yes Yes I know…

It’s been more than a month since I blogged..

I am sorry!

I didn’t realised that I be “missed” :p Now I know… Greatly appreciated!!

So what had happened since the last I blogged?

I had my 1st HDB appt in end Feb. Everything was well. Having my 2nd appt this month!

I had a good holiday in Bangkok in March! Though it’s short, but it’s just feels great to finally able to fly out of the country again, after 3 long years! We had a very comfortable and nice room in Novotel Siam Square, and very cheap and nice food in Bangkok. And of ‘cos the shopping which I wished that I could have more… Didn’t really take photos for the trip as I didn’t bring my camera along, but dear had took afew of Dawn and himself. Will post it soon! 😀

I had started playing World of Warcraft online..after the influence of Dear and Cindy… :p And that explains my MIA-ness from the blog.. But this game kept my sanity..kind of.. some who doesn’t know the essence of gaming had asked or questioned me why am I playing games instead of spending 100% of my time for Dawn.. the truth is, I need my sanity. Even pockets of time, the time-out period, I need them badly. It’s really that bad. I confessed I am not a very very patient person, especially with kids who still do not understand simple instructions.. Of cos I do not blame Dawn because she is very young! Do not get me wrong on this! I definitely enjoy the time I have with Dawn. Just that I need my time-out. I understand not all will understand this aspect because they themselves are not in the same shoes. So give me some breathing space will you?

Anyway, pictures to be posted next entry! 😀

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