The Year of Knowing

…… you.

When I was worried that we will have nothing to talk about in days to come, you said you will fill in the gap.

For those times when I thought that I had offered too much suggestions or opinions and was unsure whether you find me a nag, you said that my opinions and understanding has always mattered to you.

And that particular moment when I was afraid that I will go to hell instead of heaven, you told me not to worry, as you will be there with me.

When my smses to you seems to be crying for help and in distress, you called immediately to help me get past those confused emotions.

You chased after the little girl on our Sat and gave me those pockets of rest time, when you were also tired because of the hectic schedules of work and school through the week.

You said you need to buy a new phone for me when a couple of smses between us never reach each other.

Many more words, many more things, many more moments. It’s the year of knowing you that brightens me.  Countless of msn history (Yes i have them!), loads of smses and lots of late night calls. Promise me, lets keep communicating, till the very last breath.


Nov the 10th.  The very special date. For your courage and my courage. And the very nice dinner. 😀

↓ Sakana, and the very nice dishes! Too bad I was not feeling very well, and didn’t have my beer.  Started coughing when I stole a few sips of Dear’s beer. Bleah!





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