The Learning Dawn

I think I had mentioned this before…but it’s really amazing to see kids learn nowadays.I was pretty concerned about Dawn’s tongue tight problem since she was young. I am still keeping my options open about possible operation to correct the problem. I’ll see how she fare when she’s 2-3 years old.

So now, Dawn @ 15 months, has been picking up her wealth of knowledge from any stimulation that she is exposed to. And it’s really fun to see her do those little actions associating with words.

* She lifts up her 2 hands when we say “Hurray!”.
* She points to her ears when we say “ears”.
* She attempts to stamp her feet when we say “Stamp your feet”.
* She claps when we say “clap your hands”.
* She claps when we say “good girl”.
* She claps when we say “clever girl”.
* She extends her right hand when we say “shake hands”
* She starts shaking her hands, body, head and butt butt when we say “dancing”.
* She waves her hands when we say “bye bye”
* She leans forward to our cheeks and plant her kisses when we say “kiss”.
* She lifts her two hands to a 90 degree position when we say “bao bao”.
* She shakes her head when she does not want something.
* She nods her head when she really wants something.
* She points to her cot when we say “where’s your bed?”.
* She says “mum mum” when she wants to eat.
* She says “mum mum” continuously when she is still not fed or still hungry.
* She points to birds and say “berd!”
* She points to dog statue and say “Doi!”
* She says “mew” when we says “cat” or point to the cat in the book.
* She looks for her book, open and read when grandma says “read your books”.
* She sits down to drink once we pass her the water bottle.
* She gently pat her tummy when we say “tummy”. (thought she still thinks that her chest looks more like tummy)
* She shows me her set of teeth when she saw me holding her toothbrush.
* She holds the toothbrush and start brushing her teeth, but 99% of the time she prefers biting the brushes instead.
* She runs to her usual sofa seat when she knows it’s time for her milk.
* She points to the TV when she wants to watch her Barney.
* She does her high 5s when you high 5 with her.

* She does her pan-kiss action when we say “pan-kiss”.
* She keeps her toys back to the big container when we say “keep your toys”.
* She points to the banana and says “nana” or “beNANA”,
* She looks for her shoes when we say “Find/take your shoes, we are going gai gai”.
* She sits down and stretches her 2 legs when she knows that you are putting on the shoes for her.
Wow! The list goes on. I never know she knows so much because my mindset is still backdated to her very young days.


  1. How It started? says:

    one more to add….. she ran towards Yee Yee when Yee Yee said “Dawn, we are going gai gai”…. heehee….

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